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Frequently Asked Questions
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1. How Does LEADIFY Find Customers Looking For Service?

Most consumers begin their search for a service provider online. In addition to our own online marketing, we partner with numerous home service lead generators to receive leads which we prequalify before sending to you as a ‘high intent’ call. We do the heavy lifting for contractors by ensuring that you only purchase calls from consumers looking for your services.

2. How Does LEADIFY Define A Qualified Call?

We consider a call to be qualified if the caller has a desire or need for a service to be provided in the geographic area that you service.

3. How Many Contractors Receive The Same Call?

ONE - You! LEADIFY delivers exclusive prospect calls. Because it is a high-intent call and not a form lead or email, the lead is not sent to more than one contractor.

4. When Will I Begin To Receive Calls?

Once you join the LEADIFY system you could start receiving leads within 48-hours. 

5. When Do I Pay For Qualified Calls?

Each time you receive a call and LEADIFY has verified it meets the criteria necessary to be a qualified call, you will be charged for that call. There is no weekly or monthly invoice - you pay as you go.

6. How Much Do Calls Cost?

Call prices vary by type of service requested and geographic location. To learn more, contact our customer success team at 469.287.8087.

7. How Do I Know How Many Calls I Will Get?

Volume is driven by the demand for your services in your region at any given time. Because of our fee structure, we are incentivized to connect you with as many qualified calls as possible.

8. Can I Control How Many Calls I Will Receive? 

Most of our LEADIFY contractors will take as many calls as we can get them. If your schedule is full and you want to place a temporary pause on your account, you have the option of doing that by contacting our customer success team.

9. What Percent Of These Calls Can I Expect To Convert Into Paid Jobs?

Because you are paying for qualified calls (someone with a need for your service) we can’t predict what your closing rate from call to sold job will be. Individual close rates vary depending upon factors such as no current availability on the schedule, individual sales abilities, geographic location, industry or pricing. As is the case with other online advertising, TV, postcards or other marketing, a certain percentage will not become a customer. What we can tell you is that our most successful contractors have experienced a higher call to appointment conversion rate and in some cases, a higher average job size than any other lead source they use. We are confident you’ll be happy with your return on investment once you track your marketing costs and resulting revenue generated!

10. Will Working With LEADIFY Hurt My Other Online Advertising?

No! LEADIFY does not compete with your branded marketing. We are another tool in your marketing toolkit and unlike most marketing, you only pay when you get a qualified call.

11. How Do I Get Started?

It’s SIMPLE! It only takes a couple minutes to set-up your account. Call us today at 469.287.8087 or fill out our contact form.
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